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Welcome to piffits!

     an independent children's clothing company
    Making colorful clothing for colorful kids!

Our goal is to create bright and colorful clothing that you are unlikely to find in stores. As mothers ourselves, we found that most department stores didn’t carry the bright, cheerful patterns we believe have a place in every childhood, especially as our kids grow older. Childhood is a time of innocence and excitement.Why not reflect that in our children’s clothes? That is exactly why we started up Piffits!

What makes us stand out?

T-shirt - dark with orange foxes on it
  • designed and created in-house
    while most of our fabric designs are pre-printed, we design our own prints, which are speciallymarked on our website. We hope to introduce more unique fabric designs in future, and our goal is to eventually offer only  our own fabric prints!


  • U.S. Based
    while we hope to someday achieve the same popularity of the European and scandanavian brands we admire, we also believe in reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local businesses. We are based in SLC, Utah and we partner with local fabric printers and suppliers whenever possible. Our top fabric supplier/printer is only 5 minutes from our home.


  • Ethical advertising
    We may be biased, but our kids are super cute. We'd love to plaster our website with their faces! However, we know what kind of place the internet can be, and to respect and protect our children's right to privacy, we are very selective about the photos we use on our website. Outside of the small family photo we have on our website, we try to avoid showing our children's faces. we apply the same principles to all photos used on our site!


  • Gender Neutral and Tagless
    While we have fabric designs on all ends of the gender scale, Most of our styles are gender neutral. we believe that all clothes are for all bodies. You'll find our clothing styles sorted by style, not by gender. Additionally, our clothes are tagless for comfort!

T-shirt - Light blue with lighthouses and submarines
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